The Beginning of the End

I went in to pick up my check today, and was told that one housekeeper called in sick and the only other one one off can’t work fridays. (They were already short before that).  And that yesterday, the manager on duty had to do a run of rooms.  They asked me to do rooms and i said no.  They need to hold them over-hold the boss accountable for leaving us short staffed!  This is on her head. It is infuriating that I should even feel guilty that I don’t go in.  It isn’t my fault she did this to us.  It isn’t theirs either, and they need to do what i said and hold her accountable.

Let me tell you, before i get into details, that the reasons i am even still there is firstly; the other employees are basically the only people i physically interact with outside of my house, they’re like family. Secondly, I have an idea of what abuse to expect.  If she is allowed to treat us this way, I am terrified it could actually be worse elsewhere.  This is the only job I’ve had since i was 18, I worked at super 8 in Washington… at that time I thought that was shitty, but really looking back, that was a cake walk.

I am so sick of everyone being scared of her once she takes her goat mask off.  She doesn’t own us, she is nothing but a bully.  It is beyond me how she convinces the big wigs that she is the one holding that place together.   She can barely even cover the desk for thirty minutes, even guests tell us she has no idea what she’s doing. She doesn’t go out and check rooms outside of when her boss comes down.  She doesn’t order sufficient product so the housekeepers can get their rooms done as quick as they could be. She has dementia or something because she makes us do stuff and then gets mad at us for doing it, she forgets things constantly and swears we didn’t tell her things that we have told her multiple times.  She is just so angry 90% of the time, like typical old people with dementia/alzheimers.

She changes our schedules multiple times a week, many times without telling us. She schedules multiple people for the same shift, she leaves shifts uncovered, schedules for night audit and then for the early housekeeping shift..which is one hour later.  Obviously it gets fixed on the weekend, like everything else. There are so many more things but I will speak of those at a later time, this is mainly about lack of proper staff and incompetence-the cause of this rant.

We must quit cleaning up after her.  Imagine how great of employees we would be if we were properly staffed and not spending so much of our time cleaning up after her, and trying to appease guests while we absolutely do not want to be there. Especially when we are being yelled at by them for things out of our control; which of course later-no matter what we do it will have been the wrong thing as far as she’s concerned, because we can do nothing right, even if she’s standing there telling us to do it.

There are times where i must force myself to go to work or talk myself out of walking out the door mid shift.  The only thing that stops this is I don’t want my fellow employees to suffer.  She doesn’t cover shifts, period. When someone calls in, we do doubles or flip flop back in, and we can’t tell her no because we are all afraid of her. Anyone who has ever stood up to her has been fired, including calling corporate.

Corporate doesn’t care about us, obviously. We have all talked-which is the only reason we weren’t fired,, and nothing has been done.  Nothing will be done. She will continue to abuse her power, and the company will hurt in that that property has some really amazing employees, but everyone is working with a shadow over them, so quite frankly, we don’t give a fuck about that place,, and it is completely and entirely because of her.

2 responses to “The Beginning of the End”

  1. Kipper Massey Avatar
    Kipper Massey

    tell her you work to live not live to work.

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    1. We don’t tell her anything she doesn’t want to hear


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