So, as of July 1st Oregon minimum wage is 10.75….. at the beginning of this year we got 2 to 6 cent raises,, yes, that’s how much the company appreciates their employees… so, the housekeepers that just started get a 75 cent raise, and us morons who have been sticking it out get fucked in the ass. How lovely. I cannot convey the absolute disgust I am feeling right now. But this definitely seals the deal, time to fly.

6 responses to “WTFever”

  1. Well, at least you don’t have to deal with mandatory OT. That’s one thing we have in common, time to go!

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    1. What do you mean by mandatory overtime


      1. I’m a bus driver for Hertz, and it’s a revolving door job, literally. Long story short, if we’re short on drivers, we get mandated to cover a blank shift. And what’s really jacked up about it is we’ll get mandated on our days off, or on days that we work.


      2. Oregon has new laws prohibiting that kind of thing

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      3. We need that here in Michigan. I’ve heard about that in Oregon as of late.


      4. Just went into effect on July 1st

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