No Extenuation

A good friend told me yesterday that they are proud of me for getting back up and trying again without making excuses…but I need to say, when I fall off the horse I don’t have an excuse, situations don’t typically make me want a drink. I just want to do it…badly,,, enough so that the want temporarily overpowers my ambition to be a professional bodybuilder… which is the reason I keep attempting to quit in the first place. It’s just not as easy as I thought it would be.

Today will be one week dry at the end of the day. I’m happy and sad,,I know it’s what needs to be done, everyone is proud of me, including my family. Alcohol impedes my goals, weakens my health, my inspiration and nearly kills my motivation.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s ever going to get easier…I wish I could just wake up and not have the desire like I did last year and made it over 100 days. But; alas, I cannot bring it back I can only keep going forward.

That said, thank you all you great friends and acquaintances who are supporting and rooting for me to get through this hard time. Even if I have to keep getting back up i will continue trying

until I am successfull.

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