Ten Days to Judgement Day


Carizma says twenty pounds is unreasonable, so I’ll go for ten.

I have ten days to lose twenty pounds. I can do this, two pounds a day…I just can’t eat garbage food, drink lots of water, bike twice a day and workout out at least once a day. πŸ˜„

I have a Dr appointment on the 9th and even though I’ll most likely take it even if it goes against his advice, I’d prefer taking HGH under a doctor’s supervision.πŸ€”

He already seems to look for anything possible to bitch at me about so I need to be sure I’m in tip top health. He’ll probably just tell me I’m stupid for even considering it but whatever, at least he’ll have something new to put me down forπŸ™ƒ

HGH can have side effects that really should be monitored by a health professional. I’ll make sure he knows I’m trying to be smart about this, but if he won’t help me I’ll just have to be cautious and monitor myself. πŸ˜‘

Anyone who knows me knows how careful I am with adding supplements. Usually I’m pretty comfortable adding, though it did take me two or three months to get the guts to try creatine, remember?πŸ˜…

Anyway, I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning before I shower, but I’m going to guess 158..πŸ˜”

Even if I cant drop twenty, I should BE more healthy (and closer to my goal) by then, so long as I stay on top of everything every day!πŸ™„

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