Respiratory Infection or Allergy

So, now that I have already taken my first supplement pack today,,, I’ve got this bright idea that I’m not really sick….off and on sore throat, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, runny/stuffy nose, sinus headaches, 90% deaf in one ear and 50 in the other, chest congestion and pain, exhaustion and no fevers.

Maybe it actually is an allergic reaction to one of the last three supplements I’ve added.. which are; coconut oil, acai and turmeric. One might think all the bromelain, quercetin and stinging nettle I take would counteract it. Especially when I’m taking the sinusalia on top of it…which is belladonna, sanguinaria canadensis and spigelia anthelmia…

However, when I’m continuing to take the allergy provoking supplement, it’s probably futile to be taking any type of antihistamines, or maybe it would be worse if I wasn’t.

Most likely it is the acai from what I am reading. I didn’t really research it that much before starting it as I was under the false impression it was like a miracle berry. I won’t make that mistake again.

Unfortunately, turmeric is in my a.m. supplement pack so I can’t not take it today. I considered stopping all supplements and starting again one at a time, but that would be stupid, I’ve been taking most of them for almost two years.

So I’ll cut these last three out for a couple weeks and reintroduce them as I do with all new supplements. This time I just won’t take cold-like symptoms at face value.

Or, if I did decide to take the antibiotic, which I very well may… Maybe I will start them all back one at a time, because I would be terrified to take an antibiotic with all these supplements.

Besides, where would I have time to take it around them? I would have to take a break. Then once i resume, i can document here, all symptoms new or decreased…. 🤔

However, if it is an allergy, that means no infection and I wouldn’t need an antibiotic…it’s been twelve years since I took an antibiotic, I’m scared to even try it, especially for an invalid reason..*sigh*

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