Why do i take carnitine? Firstly, it converts fat into energy. I’m fat, so it should give me lots of energy🙃

It also decreases muscle soreness, helps prevent muscle damage and improves recovery time. It helps protect the heart from inflammation and also helps regulate blood sugar. Carnitine works well with ALA (alpha lipoic acid) which I also take.

One can eat more carbs and get away with it, in fact it works best with carbs,,, perfect!! I eat allot of fried potatoes; it’s my favourite, I can’t help it!

Some side effects include; nausea, vomiting, cramping and diarrhea.. usually in high doses. High blood pressure and tachycardia. <— well you got me there, but personally I feel the benefit outweighs the risk. When I get back down to 24% fat my heart issues will be null. My goal atm is 18%.

Less common side effects are muscle weakness in people with kidney failure and seizures in people with a seizure disorder.

Contraindications are Warfarin (a blood thinner), hypothyroidism and a history of seizures. I can find no other.

All in all I think l-carnitine is another important supplement for not only bodybuilders, but also people who just want to be healthy.

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