Sink Hole in Big Lots’ Parking Lot

I have posted in the past via facebook about the dangers of sinkholes…of course everyone laughed at me because I worry about everything, but this is no laughing matter.  And if you want to laugh about it, please don’t expect my sympathy if the earth swallows your car.

,There is a sink hole on my street which I have complained to the city about numerous times, and they just fill it with concrete over and over. Of course it doesn’t last, for two or more reasons.. One, they aren’t taking time to figure out what is causing the sink hole, like a bloody pipe leak!!!; secondly, they aren’t injecting it with grout like they should be, concrete or cement isn’t going to work… as it has not.

There is also a couple sink holes on Newmark that they keep filling the same way. Yesterday, I found out that a large one opened up in the Big Lots parking lot, and of course those sink holes on Newmark came to mind. We went to take a look at it and I wanted a picture. I almost didn’t get out because there were two guys standing there talking. One took out his phone to take a picture, so I decided I would just go over there. If he can take a picture, so can I!

I’m really glad I did, as one of them was the one who fell in the sink hole with his semi. He told me had he parked just a little further over the entire thing would have gone in, they had to tow it out as it was. I pointed to the patched sink hole on Newmark, which is exactly aligned with this one and said it is most likely connected and they both agreed.

There are also sizable, recurring sink holes on koos bay blvd and lakeshore drive.  I am sure there are more here that I have yet to see.  I am also fearful there is one under my house because of all the standing water over the years, the cracks in the garage floor, driveway, sidewalk and the crack in the bathroom floor that is aligned with the one in the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many intelligent people in this town, so until a catastrophe happens, they will probably do nothing correctly about these sink holes. They think they are no big deal. And I am thinking all these sink holes are connected to each other and that would definitely be catastrophic.

This is one of many websites I have been reading, check it out if you don’t believe this is a real danger, read for yourself. Sinkholes (USGS).

I will be researching this further and most likely write a subsequent post with more detailed information and many more links to back myself up. I am considering attempting to contact a sink hole expert about this.

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