Gaba is a gamma neurotransmitter.

Remember that I am not a doctor. This is my research on another supplement that I take. Just for you concerned followers to understand why I have added this into my supplements.

There are a few of reasons why I want to take Gaba, one is it naturally increases HGH (human growth hormone), which will help me build my muscles bigger. HGH helps your body fight fat along with increasing exercise endurance and improves sleep, both of which helps build muscle.

Secondly, it will keep me from drinking if I stay on top of it, as alcohol is a contraindication. One could most likely get away with drinking on it? But I would be too terrified to wager that on myself. I have taken it a total of three times as I’m writing this. The first time I was worried I would be allergic to it all by itself. After that I wasn’t really concerned with that anymore. But instead, as I take it I say to myself, “well you won’t be drinking tonight”.

Thirdly, it should help with my blood pressure which has already been bordering high even on all the supplements together that I will talk about next, so I don’t think too low of blood pressure is going to be an issue for me. I can only hope with staying away from vodka, getting hydrated, doing all my workouts daily; religiously and taking all my supplements including GABA and the ones listed below that I can get it under control.

Medications that can interact with Gaba include; psych drugs, blood pressure meds, and supplements that are known to lower blood pressure. Out of the 13 in this list; I take nine, ten if you include the folic acid in my multi vitamins. ALA (Alpha-linolenic Acid), cacium, cocoa, cod liver oil, COQ10, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), fiber supplements, folic acid, garlic, l-arginine and magnesium and potassium. The EPA and DHA I take are in the form of Krill oil.

There are a few possible negative side effects, none of which I have yet experienced. Depression, nausea, feeling of electric shock throughout body, skin flushing, and tingling. This would most likely only happen in high doses and I am unconcerned with that at this time.

As of late my blood pressure has been ranging from 136/90 to 150/103 and heart rate of 80 to 120. We’ll see how this helps. I have also added liquid apple cider vinegar, which is just awful btw.. so between the two, we should see some positive progress! And now you know my reasoning for taking Gaba.

Dr. Mercola on GABA

AST Sports Science


McGill Office for Science and Society

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