Evolution of Perfection

Copyright @ 2013 Hattaavah

The waves were so quiet on the sea
Like a consolation, a visionary, if you will
A demonstration of all that is to come
Such an ardent reverie of divine content

Pulling me from the depth of a hellish resort
I find myself in the hands of a pristine wizard
Wrapped in a sheath on a graceful carousel
Never again to descend to that vulgar place

Mercy and passion have befallen me
Unlimited delight with a faultless thrill
An eternal, intricate shock from the sun
A much required and perfect, wanton component

Exquisite is my Casanova, whom I adore
His eyes sparkle like the core of a fine blizzard
I want to savor him like nothing I can tell
Unwavering devotion, incessantly, always

He is the anchor to my ship you see
He brings out the bravery a courage unreal
He’s shown me new things and it’s been fun
I trust him in everything, he is my best friend

My confidant mg beloved, so tender and warm
He us lustrous, enchanting, my beautiful love bird
Bound for greatness, hearken the invigorating bells
An evolution of perfection, observe my flourishing lace

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