Giddy Girl

Copyright @ 2013 Hattaavah

You, my darling, are the rock
And I was the rickety pillar
You herd my wild flock
And frighten away the killer

Your love is purely special
Our time is oh so precious
You’re like a perfect truffle
Creamy goodness your flesh is

Everything just feels so right
I crave your every loving kiss
Your body next to me at night
And when you’re gone oh how I miss

That hot breath upon my neck
Thor delicious scent all over me
Pick me up on your back deck
As happy tears of you I weep

Let me give you so much loving
Kiss my lips, spin me around
You’re like a pan of yummy muffins
You intoxicate me upside down

This poem might be kinda silly
Make no sense or just laughable
This is cause you make me frilly
Happy, giddy, it is incomparable

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