Fit of Pique Friday

I am so exhausted from getting up at 0200 every day, religiously and working out twice a day, not able to sleep til 21 to 2200 hours., and work has been so busy dealing with guests one after another, many of which are assholes yelling at me for being busy or the rate or whatever each particular wanker feels like blaming me for, we’re extremely short staffed and each of those things are stressful in themselves….

I almost couldn’t get through my lifting without crying. I just wanna go to bed… I’m so agitated i don’t even know how i got through the day without anyone noticing what i foul mood I’ve been in. Lucky i dumped my vodka or I’d be on my third or fourth since getting home from work. I think I’m gonna go to bed now and let Nici cook dinner.

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