Probable Gallbladder Attack

I did end up going to the hospital yesterday, first they thought maybe kidney but quickly decided it could be a blood clot in my lung. They put me on an iv and gave me toridol and morphine.

Once the xrays and tests ruled out blood clot they became unconcerned, checked for nothing more and said it must be a pulled muscle from weight lifting. Well i haven’t lifted for nine days so tell me why did it start Tuesday and become nearly debilitating yesterday???

Well whatever, I’ll have to cure myself, I’m positive it’s my gallbladder. I started the charcoal detox at 0500, please pray i can fix myself because the doctors in this stupid town sure don’t give a shit.

You know, if i went in all the time I’d completely get why they didn’t want to take the time to figure out what’s wrong.. but i don’t, i figure out my own issues and cure myself, or rarely i go see my dr which i dislike…and yet they still sent me home in pain.

I just want it gone, fixed.
It’s not as bad as it was yesterday at this point, but if it gets back to barely being able to breathe i guess I’ll go to the next town, which has better ratings. Hopefully it won’t come to that.
Thank you everyone that has been concerned for me.

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