Sea of Flowers

Copyright @ Hattavah 2013

I once was just an empty soul
wandering through a world of hell
i took my clothes off and i fell
i started to cry and scream and yell

exhausted from torment my tears are red
so of the anguish my legs are like lead
i sink to the bottom the sea is my bed
need to stop breathing to numb my head

As i pray here, naked on my knees
I ask the Lord above God please
Send me one who will not forsake me
to not mince words and set my pain free

Carefully he must have listened
He sent and angel to make me glisten
when we make love i id like heaven
he broke me from my awful prison

This love is like a blooming flower
increasing with every passing hour
in this precious charm is nothing sour
So content now, only he has the power

You’re all I see throughout the land
Each moment with you you’re like sand
I tell you this is where I stand
My heart is yours, its in your hand.

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