Circling the Drain

i am nearing the end of this bottomless pit
i can hear the clock, the faster it ticks
please don’t allow me to die like this
pathetically drowning in this un-bliss

i am crying, don’t you see my pain?
pillow case soaked in matted bloodstains
everything i’ve ever known circling the drain
becoming too much for my weak, little brain

all of my thoughts are oh, so very sad
my dreams are being ripped up like mad
covered in cold and wet, dirty sand
i can no longer even see my hands

never will i be Your precious angel
i have viewed it from many angles
my life is in Your hands to mangle
my mind feels like it’s being strangled

You don’t see if but i’m falling fast
if You don’t save me i will crash
tell me good-bye, i am like a rash
throw me out like yesterday’s trash

a wrench inside my beating heart
is ripping my whole life apart
i look far but i can’t find the start
i’m falling, falling into this dark

nothing more than a sand flea
on a vastly, random ocean beach
soak my dreadful body in bleach
kill me like a blood sucking leach

Originally written January 14, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Sil Hattaavah. All Rights Reserved.

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