Goodbye Toxicity

I Awake To A Coffee
And Think Of The Joy
We Felt, Him And MeA
So I Thought, What A PloY

The Sea Is So Dark
As Are His Eyes
His Deceptive Heart
InFlicts Painful Lies

My Feet Are TiRed
My Heart IS WeaK
I Feel So WIred
But I Want To Sleep

There IS No Paradise
ThIs Is A TerriblE Hymn
Forever Traumatized
I SaW The Monster Inside Him

The Tide Is Out
BeEn Out All Day
It IS LiKe A Drought
All Through Coos Bay

I Could Take A Walk
To The Mid Of Sea
Forget The Clock
And ForgeT Me

My Eyes Are Closed
My MoUth Is Opened
My Body Soaked
All Trust Is Broken

Goodbye To The Ones Above
Goodbye To The Lying Snakes
Goodbye To My Toxic Love
Goodbye Sociopathic Mate

Originally Written July 14, 2013
Copyright @ Sil Hattaavah 2013

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