June 05, 2019

Saw her for the first time today in a long while. Found out she remembered the head housekeeper this time. The previous three times she met her were for the first time, each! (LOL)

Also, tomorrow the maintenance guy gets the wonderful job of moving all her things out of the apartment she was suppose to move out of nearly three years ago. Of course he will do this on company time. So, the corporation not only paid her housing, utilities and toiletries for the past three years after doubling her salary, they get to pay for her shit to get moved. Nice. She really knows how to work it.

Eh, other than that, I don’t really have much to report. She didn’t talk to me much, just asked how I am,,, as if she really cares. The anxiety of just being in the same building with her is bit stressful… i am quite concerned about how I am going to tolerate next week when she takes over being g.m.

How long will it take for her mask to come off this time? As I am certain the dementia has worsened over the past year… Is she going to be meaner or will she be nicer because she doesn’t remember how much she thrives on other peoples misery? Will I be able to fight my urge for a drink?

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