June 06, 2019

So she came in today, not much to say to me, she was talking in the back to the m.o.d. most the time, and was in her way again so she couldn’t do her work.

I don’t know if maintenance had to move her belongings, i know he brought his truck again for a second day today to move her stuff. And yesterday she changed her mind and said today. He hadn’t done it by the time I left.

Yeah, I guess we’ll find out how she’s gonna be on Monday when we actually have to be alone with her all day. Well, Wednesday for me. How many days will it take for her mask to come off.

But whatever, I feel pretty laid back today. I wasn’t too bothered by her. I’m trying something for my anxiety, which I’m not going to divulge at this time. But it seems to be working.

So let’s see if I can tolerate it when she is back. like actually really back and in complete control.

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