June 07, 2019

Today she came in for the maintenance guy to do more for moving of her things, you know, on company time…

She is really mad that her stuff was still here because she supposedly told us to get rid of all the stuff out of her apartment.

Bitching about the fact that two years after she was supposed to have moved out, we didn’t throw her belongings away. I heard nothing about this and why would it be our responsibility?

She had ample notice that she was going to have to move out. Then she gets to that point and just does what she wants….and that worked out… she didn’t get in trouble for it….

She’s mad that the other maintenance guy didn’t pack her things differently…(well lady you should have packed your own shit). She doesn’t like the layout of the breakroom, which use to be her house. She plans to keep all her dishes here, she’s going to unpack them all😱

She had maintenance get rid of all her furniture and stuff… basically all she owns are clothes. , she’ll probably keep those here too with her dishes.

she also verbally counselled the head housekeeper in front of myself, maintenance and the other desk clerk, for taking her lunch at 1400… hhk was not on the clock for this.

Just after this, she proceeded to chew maintenance out as well because he took his lunch late, which he rarely does and the only reason he took the late today is because he was back there…MOVING HER SHIT!

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