June 15, 2019

I got to work yesterday and I noted that she had changed the schedule. I haven’t studied it, but I know for sure that she changed one person’s schedule for sure, I have not asked her yet if she got permission to change it. But it’s changed, like, and it’s not just written in, it’s actually changed and reprinted.

There was something important that I wanted to put into this and I can’t remember what it was.

So I’m just going to go ahead and post this, I need to make sure that I’m posting something every single day. So it’s very important to me that I get something posted even if nothing happens.

She’s still being nice for the most part. The only thing that I’ve heard so far is her getting mad at the maintenance guy because he couldn’t get rid of all of her stuff out of her apartment that she was to move out of a long time ago. So you know, that was our job to move her stuff.

And she got mad about the way her stuff got packed in the first place by the other maintenance guy which is still not our fault. She should have packed her own things. And she refused to let him do a dump room with all her stuff so he had to put it all in the motel garbage which of course filled it up so the housekeepers couldn’t put their garbage in, so that was nice. But I’m quite certain that that is perfectly fine with the company to pay for all her garbage, So whatever.

Afterall, they were fine with paying all her bills and paying for her swaddle doodle and her coffee and all that stuff for two years past when she was instructed to move off the property,, so why not pay for all her furniture and stuff to get thrown away during moving… Why not.


I don’t really want her to bully me man, but it’s really making me feel like I’m in an alternate universe or something because she’s just being too nice. I just keep waiting for the shoe to drop. I know it’s going to.

I think she’s being nice because she pretty much doesn’t know anybody here now, because everybody left.

The mod, the maintenance guy, two desk clerks and i are the only ones she knows. The entirety of the housekeping crew is new to her.

Then we have our super newbies that are just starting like just starting in the last couple weeks and yesterday, so she has been really nice, but she’s not going to be able to keep that up forever.

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