Melted Ice

The last few weeks. My phone has been deleting pictures that it thinks are duplicates without asking me. Like the other day I went to look at the nail pictures that I have saved over the years and there should have been hundreds, and there was only fiftysome pictures.

That has happened a few times and I’m just like whatever if I don’t know about it it doesn’t matter, what i don’t know won’t hurt me. However, I lost one of the pictures of the schedule.

And unfortunately it is the exact one that I need. Remember, I told you about how she changed the schedule?

Well, for whatever reason, I don’t have the picture anymore. So this morning the audit guy messaged me and said that there was nobody there to take over for him. Because that was suppose to be the asst head housekeeper.

I messaged her and she didn’t answer. For a really long time. I even messaged the head housekeeper to message her. I told her that she needed to call HR because her schedule is changed with that telling her.

When she finally messaged me back she was at work and she basically acted like there was nothing wrong, and she even told me that the gm had told her yesterday she was hhk today but desk, that it was a typo. I was the one that was supposed to work it today but she forgot to change it (yesterday?). No, I wasn’t. That was not the original.

SHE took it off of the mod, and SHE put it on the to the assistant head housekeeper and SHE didn’t tell anyone, nor did SHE schedule a hhk as the assnt was originally the hhk.

Anyway, then she told me that she was not going to argue with me. Argue? WTF… So, obviously we know what side of the road she’s on. So, yeah.

No, I don’t think so, no typo, just illegal schedule tampering that will have no consequences.

Qnd this is why I should quit forgetting that co workers are just that, they’re co workers. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s the second to burn me in less than a year.

Whatever, so she gets away with it again. Nothing’s gonna be done. Even now that it’s against the law she can still do whatever she wants. It doesn’t matter.

I was trying to write this earlier, but I have just been so depressed all day because of this. I mean, I was ecstatic at the beginning because I was like wow she’s finally gonna get in trouble for doing this crap.

And then the person that us directly affected won’t do anything.

So, I don’t know, my eyes burn from crying. It’s nearly 1630 hours and I’m probably just going to feed the kids soon because I feel like crying again. And now I have to go to work tomorrow and deal with her.

Hopefully the asst hhk didn’t show her my msgs. I told her that she had no business changing the schedule blah blah blah. I didn’t say anything that I could get in trouble for. But she’ll use it against me mentally, and do whatever she can to sabotage me, and she will win. She always does.

Whatever, I just don’t care anymore. there’s no point in trying, I’ll keep this stupid journal, but I’m sure it’s for not. She’s gonna live till she’s 104 and she’ll be there all the way until then because she sold her soul as a devil. That is the only answer.

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