June 22, 2019

She came in yesterday TO DO HER LAUNDRY!Man, I wish that I could just come here and do all my laundry, and have the company pay my electricity and water to get my shit clean. That’d be awesome.Whatever. She gets away with everything. Always will.

So anyway, the next shift came in to take over for me, we’ll call her Viveka, and we did our shift swap. Viveka had coloured her hair with some red above the black. Looks okay to me.

But our wonderful g.m. we’ll call her matilda, looked at her hair and wanted to know what she did to it. matilda very visibly did not like her hair. No “hey your hair is pretty” or “you look really nice today” or something positive. Instead, before she walked away she said, “We’ll see how they like it.”Whatever that means, I don’t know who they is, but whatever. All i know is she thrives on others’ misery. Let me tell you a little story.

Our mod that just left, we’ll call him Trigger, is really into guns and a few years ago, I was waiting for my ride after work. I was either the head housekeeper that day or I had been the a.m. shift and he was the p.m. and he was taking over.Regardless, he had just bought himself a $500something gun. He was really, really excited about it. Like he was showing us videos of him shooting it and stuff like that like he was so happy!

Well matilda came out and he told her about his new toy, showed her pics and he was so excited about it and all she could do was be negative.She said; among other things, “I don’t know why anybody would want to waste so much money on something stupid like that who even needs to have something like that”….. blah blah blah blah blah

I was sitting there watching. And I literally watched his excitement dwindle down to nothing. I could see he was borderline depressed, she ruined it for him. He wasn’t happy and bubbly about it anymore. That was awful.And that’s that’s just how she is, she’s very good at making you feel like you’re stupid. Ironic huh?

Hopefully she won’t come in today and I won’t have to see her til Wednesday…But if she does come in, I’ll have another entry. Have a wonderful day.

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