June 26, 2019

This was suppose to post yesterday, oopsy.

As you may or may not know; in the past, I have never ever, ever, ever sat down while at work. And The reason for that is because we are not supposed to have guests see us sitting down. Because you know, we’re not humans and we don’t sit….or eat or drink…

But anyway, so I just never sat ever. I just stood for eight hours all bloody day. Over the last year, I quit caring what guests think. I do stand when i see them coming, but if they see me, oh well.

Between all the times I spend getting yelled at by guests and all the things that corporate does to sabotage us the to make guests mad at us, I’m going to sit.

That being said, I got towork today and discovered that they have been playing ring around the chair, we have three chairs in here. One specifically stays out here. Well, it’s right in front of Matilda’s desk where her normal chair usually is.

Guess what that means all three chairs are probably peed in and I’m not going to bend over and sniff them to figure out if, if any of them are not peed in. I’m sure they reek by now, i was gone for two days.

So I’m really upset that I have to stand indefinitely because I don’t want to sit and pee. Isn’t that shitty? Or pissy, rather?

Anyway, so we have our director of operations in town, we’ll call him Preston. We don’t know why he’s here, i guess we’ll find out.


He just came to do his quarterly thing it appears. He only visited a short while and moved on.

Funny, matilda says i can take my lunch whenever i want🤔 I’ve had to take it at 1130 for months now because one can’t go over six hours without a lunch. She said 12 is fine, and i said 1145 is six hours. She said the important thing is that we take a lunch at some point.

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