June 27-28, 2019

This was suppose to be posted the other day, woops.

Viveka came in to put in her notice on Thursday and matilda refused to accept it. She told her that she can’t put in her notice unless she’s scheduled and on the clock, she was really, really rude to her. She made her really feel like shit for putting in her notice, told her how she’s letting the team down and blah, blah, blah, guilt tripping her.

Viveka doesn’t even work until next Monday. So now she has an extra four days before she can even put in her notice. So instead of a fourteen day notice basically it is an eighteen day notice and I think that’s bullshit. Viveka called HR And they told her that matilda can do whatever she wants.

So much for calling HR every time she does some thing she shouldn’t. They don’t care, she can literally do anything she wants and have no consequences, including stealing from the company.

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