I can already tell this is going to be a bad day.
My garage door won’t quit beeping because it has no power for no apparent reason do it’s using backup battery, my headphones died halfway through biking, my alarm went off in the shower just after applying shampoo and of course my phone was clear across the room. i can’t get a hold of my nail girl because she has a life like everyone else and my nails are lifting (note that I’ve not had to have a new set for around a year) i opened glue and didn’t read the instructions so i did it wrong and now it’s completely unusable. so my nails will probably get ripped off today doing laundry since the manager can’t hire or schedule properly. The circulation in my hands are so bad, putting on my face was excruciating,,, really the only thing i got going is i got my fat fucking ass up and biked.

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