The Never-ending Wait

I’m sorry i come across so negative at times. People just haven’t seen what I’ve seen, yet. Ten years, I’ve been waiting for a change; five I’ve been hanging on for a change… but change never comes.

Most of the current staff don’t know this but, i already quit once because i couldn’t handle her lack of managerial skills; her ridiculing, belittling, blaming us for her incompetence, she’s a bully-plain and simple. Because I was the head housekeeper everything was my fault, things completely out of my control, and even when i wasn’t there.

She would tell me to do things a certain way and then she would change it and say she never said to do it the other way; It was just a back and forth, wishy washy thing on everything with her. And she would get angry about it to boot. Ordering product for the girls? Nightmare, like pulling teeth with no meds.

Once upon a time, before the new Oregon laws, anyone who dared call HR would soon thereafter be terminated. I witnessed this many times myself. And i have never dared to call HR on her myself.

One time i was working the desk, a housekeeper came in and complained about the then-current head housekeeper cussing at the housekeepers, which was a known regular occurrence. She told the housekeeper it’s just the way she is and they’re just gonna have to get use to it. Uhm no?!

The housekeeper went back to room 210 and called HR. HR called matilda and i heard, with my own ears, her tell them that the housekeeper was just retaliating because she got a verbal warning for her room time. That was a lie. Short after that she was termed.

Another story, we had an employee, Brenda, she had been the morning shift for years. She got a second job which was willing to work with her around her current schedule, putting her on afternoons/evenings. It was perfect for her and she really needed the money.

matilda found out some how and she started changing Brenda’s shifts so she would have to choose one job or the other, (all while telling her how cool it was they were willing to work with her and stuff). Well ultimately she quit and she was an extremely valuable employee.

Note, matilda is notorious for changing people’s schedules without their knowledge and not informing them, even if they’re off. So we had to check our schedule when we got to work and before we left for the day, every day.

For instance, Monday and Tuesday were my days off, forever, and i left on a Sunday, schedule had me off my normal days. I received a call Tuesday morning at 0652 because I was never late, asking where i was. {shift started at 0645}. I said i was off, it’s Tuesday and was informed i was not. I jumped up and went in with no face on or a shower.

Low and behold she had in fact changed my schedule. I told her i was late because of this, she was unmoved and i didn’t even get a thank you for coming in. I will never forget that day or forgive her.

Alas, that is typical of the previous years. Now we have laws that protect us from these schedule changes and from being fired for calling HR. However, she continues to do it to the people she knows won’t do anything about it because they don’t care, it works better for their schedule or they just don’t understand it is against the law.

Even with these laws, she can still torment us and there literally is nothing we can do about it, outside of quitting. I can’t tell you how high the turnover rate is, has been, and probably will continue to be. The girls don’t usually have what they need or enough of them to start with and she gets mad when she is told anything is getting low, including staff.

The place is never going to run smoothly because she doesn’t schedule properly, staff properly, or order supply properly. She’s manipulating the system to her benefit. She’s a master manipulator and everyone who  hasn’t spent significant time around her can’t see it.

How else do you suppose she lived on the property for two years beyond her eviction move out date? Two years she kept all her belongings there; her furniture, her clothing her dishes (which are still there btw). Two years she used the company’s electricity, cable, sewer, toilet paper and coffee, for absolutely free.

You know all the general managers had to have gotten significant raises to be forced to move off property and buy or rent a house, plus a new gas usage bill. So as far as I’m concerned, she was stealing from the company.

She will continue to get away with it because she can do anything she wants. It’s only been proven repeatedly. Why am i telling you all this shit? Because I am so tired of people telling me it can’t be that bad. Well yes it can, people are just blind. People are ignorant. People can’t wrap their mind around the fact that someone can be so vile or that somebody can live with something so long they get in a, so-called comfort zone.

Like, I am terrified of how it might be elsewhere. it could be better, what if it is worse? If a corporation this big will allow this treatment of it’s employees, other ones probably do too. There have been investigations, nothing ever done. They even stated that they got the same basic answers from everyone yet they did absolutely nothing. 

The employees we have right now are amazing, they really are. They even show up for work knowing they may have thirty rooms a piece. Everyone there does the job of minimally two people, with absolutely no thanks from her.

When a desk clerk calls in sick, someone does a double. I have never seen her cover a shift in ten years. She gets mad if we call her for anything after she leaves for the day, we don’t dare call her ever for anything. Besides, if we did she would tell us how to do it wrong because she doesn’t know how to use the program.

You know what? She is suppose to go out and check rooms daily, never seen it. She is suppose to check and sign off on rooms maintenance PMs {does preventative maintenance} Never seen her do that either. She doesn’t go out on the floor. She sits in the office and bitches about everyone and smokes twenty or thirty times a day.

One of these days I will get up the nerve to put in my notice again. Or I will get fired because I have a big mouth. Oh well, maybe the truth will set me free. It really isn’t all bad of a place to work, except for her.

More to come.

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