October 02, 2019

Yesterday, matilda was bitching at Destiny about the housekeeping time. She said the mpr (minutes per room) is too high. Oregon has new employment laws geared to better protect employees, requiring the schedule be posted at least seven days in advance with a start and end time for each scheduled day, and once the schedule is hung it is basically in stone.

The housekeepers can choose to clock out when they are finished with their run if it is earlier than their scheduled time out or they can choose to stay and help the other girls or do extra things on the property until their time out. Also, they may opt to leave at their scheduled time out even if they are not finished with their assigned rooms.

That really puts a damper on corporate’s idea of keeping time down when we have too many housekeepers and not enough rooms. If the housekeepers are scheduled til 1530 but only have say, nine rooms, they are going to be done around 1300 rather than the scheduled time of 1530. If they clocked out and left the mpr would be fine, but they usually don’t.

Corporate wants three rooms done an hour, nine rooms would put them out at 1300 without a lunch. If they stay on the clock til 1530 it is going to look like they took 33 minutes per room. So this is making sense to you, right?

Well get this, matilda says, “the mpr is the mpr is the mpr.” She says it is unacceptable . Destiny asked her how they are suppose to make time if we can’t make people clock out when they’re done. matilda’s answer, “oregon state law doesn’t matter, the staffing guide does and the staffing guide says twenty minutes per room. So what, is insinuating that Destiny needs to bully them into clocking off anyway?

Same would be for having too many rooms and not enough housekeepers. We got 94 rooms and two housekeepers and a hhk and a laundry, you got a laundry person and a hhk each having to do a full run on top of their assigned duties, and two housekeepers wit thirty rooms a piece. They can stay and finish them but what if they don’t want to? We end up with 5 to 20 rooms held over for the next day.

Guess what?! Housekeeping doesn’t get a second shot. There is no alloted time for those rooms on any following days after holding the over. So all the extra time it takes to complete them drags the mpr down, or up rather. There is just no winning with this corporation, or her.

On another note, second funny to share. Later on, matilda wanted to talk to Destiny about something. I told her i thought she was in the laundry room. Of course she found a reason to get mad about that. She said, “i don’t understand why every time the head housekeeper gets here they run straight to the laundry room.” My reply, “maybe because the housekeepers never have anything to start with for their rooms in the mornings.”

“Oh no”, she says, “They have plenty of stock, overstock even. They have boxes and boxes of unopened product out there! Do you know how much the computer says i have to buy this month?”. I replied, “no.” She said, “Five hundred dollars.” I asked if that was allot or a little. “Allot!” she replied emphatically. “There is no reason for them to be short on anything, period.”

Now, please enlighten me….if she has to buy allot than they should be severely under stocked, why does she need to order so much? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s black or white, there is no gray here, no in between.

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