No Cat Got Run Over

Another master manipulator in our midst.

So, yesterday Tim and i went to dinner at my favourite restaurant. My daughter’s boyfriend works there and a couple waitresses came to our table and asked how my daughter was doing after the cat got run over. We had no idea what they were talking about. The two cats who don’t go outside are both in, Lucian and Lucifer. Both outside cats came around earlier and even today, Horatio and Sock.

We told them all the cats were just fine and if her cat had been run over, she’d be back in the psych ward where he wouldn’t visit her more than once again. They were pretty hurt to find out he lied. He also told them he had to come up with two hundred dollars to pay for the creamation, with a straight face.

They told me to tell him they said hi, but i didn’t see him again til after they msgd him themselves. I guess they were too hurt to wait til he came in next. He and my daughter got into a fight. And he said he was breaking up with her and this was all my fault because i should have played along. Like i was suppose to know he was going around lying about weird shit.

He even went as far as to threaten to take screenshots of my posts and show them to my work. I said go ahead. Some cock suck already did that and she knows i hate her and already tried to get me in trouble for it. Supposedly that was his mom’s idea. Whatever. I don’t fucking care, they’re both evil.

Little bitch threatened me so now i have absolutely zero respect for him or his mother. I blocked them both on everything, i don’t need that vile shit, i get enough of that at work.

Then i overheard him telling someone on the phone that those ladies were talking shit about him to patrons and that my daughter just hadn’t had the heart to tell me about the cat. Two are on my bed, one is out back where i can see him and the 4th was just let outside a short time ago. So wtf. No cat got run over, period.

He’s a leech, he rarely gives me anything to help with bills, and that’s only after i throw a tantrum he’ll throw me a 30 or 40, once 80. Takes 45 minute showers, does no housework, although he uses dishes and dirties laundry. All he does is order pizza and play xbox when he’s not working. Supposedly he gives his mother all his money, well go live with your mommy then.

I think he stupidly assumed that since i quit drinking i wouldn’t go there again, he assumed wrong. I didn’t go there just for the vodka. Dumbass.

Well i will no longer protect him from my kids or Tim, I’ll let him make the rules now. I’ve stopped him from voicing his opinion for over a year, no more. He can say anything he damn well pleases to him.

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