Passions Ruined Tuna

Let me just start this story with the reason i do not eat tuna.

Somewhere around ten years ago i started watching this soap opera called Passions. You know there is a constant drama requirement for daytime television, well any really these days.

So something happened between a couple people and proudly or accidentally one of them fell in the tuna vat. Needless to say the other person did not report it. So the whole town was eating this person….

Suffice it to say I’ve had what some would call an irrational fear of eating a can of tuna with person in it. So i was not able to partake of such any longer.

A couple months ago Tim got a huge chunk of real tuna that was obviously fish. He grilled it and convinced me to try it. It tasted like chicken without eating chicken! And as some of you know, i don’t eat meat but i did love chicken once upon a time, so i was thrilled!

So then about a week ago we went to a local diner and i was thinking about that grilled tuna. I asked the lady about the tuna salad and she told us it was canned in large chunks by someone trustworthy in town. She brought us a condiment dish of it to try.

It was delicious, like chicken in mayonnaise. I got the salad. It was amazing. So went again yesterday and i was still thinking about that yummy salad.

Well this lady didn’t say anything about it but i made the mistake of assuming it would be the same tuna. I think there are two owners and this one doesn’t know anything about the tuna or just didn’t care.

So for starters, it was not large tasty chunks. It was shredded like cat food and didn’t taste like chicken. Tim tasted it and said it was shit tuna out of a can. But i ordered it so i ate it.

My stomach wasn’t happy before we even left, Tim had to finish my salad. He didn’t eat any of the egg so he could be right that it was the egg. He has not gotten sick.

I, however, have been sick ever since…Like gut rot city. The taste is gone today. But yesterday i had a taste of blood in my mouth all day. So that made me worry it was a person in that tuna! And I’m still not convinced it wasn’t. It would make a person sick, especially someone who doesn’t eat meat.

To top all that off, on our way home i saw what appeared to be chemtrails, but i wasn’t positive. I now wish I’d taken pictures because nobody believes me.

But within a couple hours i developed a gnarly headache which i also still have. i always get a headache after they dump lithium on us. Other people do as well, in the county, I’ve researched it in the past. I’ll have to write about that too at some point.

So long story short; too late, i had two really shitty ass days off work with no exercise and mostly all bed.😭 I’m making myself bike through this awful nausea and maybe i won’t be so depressed.

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