Day Three: Lucid

She doesn’t remember the last couple days. But she slept and she came back to reality.

She finally got some sleep last night. She woke up lucid. She called me at 6AM crying that she wanted to go home, asked me what happened. She remembers nothing.

She is very alert and knows exactly what’s going on. They weren’t really paying attention to her wants until i got there. She’d been asking for a nicotine patch and toridol shot all day.

Immediately upon my finding out, they were contacting the doctor about it. She had a patch within, i would say, 15 minutes. Then they brought her imitrex, said he wants to try that before a toridol shot. Carizma stated sometimes imitrex does work, so that was good.

She was cycling through emotions, fear, anger and anxiety. She said she doesn’t feel safe there. She said this is all my fault for making her take that prozac when she was seven.

Her boyfriend also broke up with her this morning (Monday) via phone. She called him and he said he didn’t know what else to tell her than the truth about why he wasn’t going to come see her. So that’s not helping her case. I did tell her nurse so they would be aware of it.

Sad thing is, he can lie about everything in the universe except the most important thing. But i guess he probably really didn’t expect her to be calling him, probably caught him off guard. Maybe it was for the best, finding out when she got out might make her flip. Now she can be past that when she gets out.

On another note, Tim’s brother Jeff is in the hospital and probably won’t make it through the night…. they use to be pretty good buddies so I’m not sure how this is going to effect her.

Prozac Fries Your Brain

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