Today, for the first time since Matilda left, I layed in bed contemplating not going to work.

Has nothing to do with coworkers, I love them to pieces. It’s the guests, I don’t want to deal with the people. And corporate does so many things to keep guests unhappy so they will give us crappy scores to justify not giving us raises, it just makes it even less worth it.

I have a little article I’m writing about that, “Corporate’s Autocratic Scheme”. I intend to post it by the end of the year, hopefully by Christmas. Since ignorant people don’t agree with my theory.

However, coworkers are the reason that I did show up, because I cannot screw the team. I know what it feels like to be screwed by other employees, and it really sucks!

So here I am, yet still, in my very most and unfavourite place. So far I’ve only had to deal with a couple people and nobody is complaining, but it is only 0700 hours…the last one nearly killed me off with his morning shit breath🤢

Also, the pain from the endometriosis gets out of control every time I don’t stay on top of my drops, so I kind of just want to lay in bed after I’ve been sleeping all night. Er crawl back in, my seemingly favourite place 😁

I haven’t exercised, outside of biking, for over two weeks! I did like 10 minutes of lifting the other day-didn’t count! I don’t know if I’m going to today. I’m thinking that I’m just gonna bike and then tomorrow I will resume lifting weights.

Tomorrow also resumes my dieting, you know with my strict eating habits of not eating such things like bread, pasta, pop, chips, cupcakes, cookies, icecream bars 🙀 No the delicious things in life, ugh.

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