Time Acceleration

I’m going to do a little research on time, but to start, I’m going to hypothesize on time being altered.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me time would go faster and faster as I grew older. Of course I was like, “yeah OK.” Young and stupid, I thought I had the whole world ahead of me.

But as time has progressed, I have noticed it actually is going faster. But I don’t think it’s just because I’m getting older, I think time is literally going faster.

I believe all of the seasonal changes, the light and darkness is shifting is because every year we are losing time.

I have a theory that that is also the reason why people are looking younger and younger even when they’re not. You know, you see these people and you’re like, “what you’re 45? you look like you’re like 25!” or 60 and they look like they’re 40. I know you know what i mean.

My manager on duty, at least used to in the old system, have to go up into the phone room to change the time every time daylight savings comes and goes. I’m gonna have to ask her to explain it to me again but she was telling me that every time she goes up there, it’s lost seconds.. I’m gonna have to ask her to explain that again. Everything she was saying made sense.

I don’t really have a reason why time would be doing that it, doesn’t make much sense, nothing that I can think of would gain from us losing time. But I do believe that we’re losing seconds probably out of every minute.

I’m searching all the drawers in my brain trying to figure out what this would accomplish and i just can’t finger it but it explains why the days are going by so fast. Like it feels like it was just Tuesday a couple days ago and I was here. Time is flying by, like losing like 10 or 15 seconds a minute you know what I mean

So over the next couple of months I’m gonna do some research into this if you are reading this and you have any ideas please feel free to comment on this, I am very intrested in any and all theories.

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