Detox Day One

I’m pretty irritated with myself, i haven’t lifted for probably close to a month…I’ve been biking about 5 out of 7 days but that’s just not good enough.

I can see that I’m losing muscle along with the fat. i just don’t have the bloody energy or the inspiration to get off my ass, as of late.

I did that total body reset bullshit a couple weeks ago, if you remember, or even if you don’t. I don’t think it did a damn thing, Waste of time and money.

Today i started the charcoal lemon detox again, it helps with energy as well as cleaning the liver and kidneys. Hopefully between that and minimizing my drop consumption for my girlie part pain, i can get back on track.

I haven’t taken any drops today and i can very well feel it… it makes me really tired plus the elixir will cancel it out anyway so why bother taking it?🤷‍♀️

So here’s to hoping I’m back on track by Sunday💃

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