Hello 2020

I don’t really have a new year’s resolution per se.. but i won’t be upset if you call it that.

Nobody ever follows through with that yearly fantasy, so I’m just gonna call it positive life improvements and such.

(((This was actually supposed to be posted yesterday, but i was busy and didn’t finish it, not a good start huh? I did get both my workouts done yesterday, though.)))

I intend to spend less time on social media, focusing more on my family and personal goals. My bodybuilding journey and this website.

I ran across a picture from 2017 yesterday and i really haven’t made any progress outside of being sober, due to said drinking.

I had intended to have everything planned out by now. Sadly, i spent too much free time on social media platforms, wasting my life away.

Nearly every day this year i intend to post something; movie review, picture puzzle, chapter of a story, poem, interview, article on a supplementwe , et cetera.

Oddly enough, I’ll have more time for this when i get off vacation. I can write between guests, it’s actually quite a positive.

I’m getting ready to make some big changes in my life. So i am going to give myself some leeway; to my birthday in March, to have my schedule set and implemented.

With this i wish everyone a fantastikal new year and may 2020 be a million times better than 2019.

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