Olive Tsetsiliya Kotov

An Olive Kotov Chapter Series

Meet Olive; she is 5’3, 139 pounds, and just turned 40 years old. Her hair is naturally black and silver, which people assume she pays good money for; she keeps her nails extra long and loves pink, sparkles, and unicorns!

She enjoys going out to breakfast with her husband, TJ. Her goals are to be a famous writer and professional bodybuilder; 9% body fat, 18 inch-around arms, and big.

She wears a cocktail of colognes, which she calls her LivCocktail and Old Spice deodorant. She gets many compliments about it, which makes her smile inside.

She bikes in the morning at 0200 hours; at least when she worked at the motel, she would lift weights after work. She hasn’t figured out a new routine yet.

Olive was employed at SeaBay Inn for about eleven years total over the last twelve. Six years as a desk clerk, before that she was the Head Housekeeper and emergency desk.

She quit because of the manager, Matilda. She was a bully with power and got away with everything, including, but not limited to, stealing from guests and the company.

Olive’s mom, Farah, told her she should never go back unless Matilda begs her. Well, thirteen months after Olive’s departure, she did reach out to her.

Matilda needed her on the desk. She agreed with the stipulation that she would not put Olive out on the floor except for emergencies. Except for a few times in the first month, Matilda held to her word.

A franchise company recently purchased SeaBay Inn. Olive, suspicious of their intentions, allowed herself to be laid.

Olive has been married to TJ for seven years this July. Together, they have six grown children; he has a 22-year-old daughter, Mernie. Olive has a 23-year-old daughter, Nastasya, and two sets of fraternal twins, Ludis and Lera, 19, Karek and Katja, 21.

TJ is the assistant foreman and captain of the Horatio Point for Blue Sea Oysters. They live in a cozy three-bedroom house, which TJ painted grey with purple trim, Olive’s desire. He would move mountains for Olive; she is pretty spoiled.

She is so spoiled that TJ is in the process of building her removable coverage over the back patio so she can workout outside during the rainy season.

He’s already gotten her a bench, weights, a curl bar, and a rowing machine. She ordered herself a stationary bike, which she’s been failing miserably at using for the past couple of months.

While she’s not working, she should have more time to get her biking and workouts each day. Hopefully, she won’t find excuses to put it off.

All her workout equipment is in the second spare room right now. She has exercise posters up and some pictures of bodybuilders she dreams of following in their footsteps.

TJ has the first spare room for all his musical instruments; drums, guitars and amps, and even a karaoke machine he got Olive for Christmas one year.

He recently soundproofed the walls to play whenever he wants without bothering the neighbours—this is where he goes when he gets overwhelmed and needs his TJ-time.

They have a dog and a cat who or best friends. Hurricane is a brindle rot/black lab/pit, and Ceirin is a black Egyptian mow housecat with big round eyes; Katja calls them “moon eyes.” She found Ceirin wandering the street in the middle of the night.

Olive is 327 days dry; she tries to use working out or playing criminal case, one version or another, to distract herself. Even on days she doesn’t have time to play them, she does her best to get her spins done.

The daily battles not to have a drink become easier as the days and weeks pass; some days are still really tough when there are extra struggles out of usual.

TJ and Olive recently discovered a channel called MeTV that has shows like “Wagon Train,” “Gomer Pyle,” “Mash,” “Perry Mason,” and some other excellent shows on it that are old. It’s her favourite other than Netflix, even over Netflix.

TJ’s daughter, Mernie, is going to school at OHSU. She’s planning to travel to other countries and give women and children a voice that doesn’t have one. Olive isn’t sure that’s the best thing; it’s pretty unsafe, but somebody has to do it, and it is Mernie’s choice.

Nastasia is Olive’s oldest daughter. She works just up the street from their home at McAndy’s Market, and she’s a hard worker. She has a great guy, Shane; he works for FedEx. They’re super perfect for each other.

Karek is working with TJ and going to college to be a computer programmer. He spends most of his free time online with his friends.

Katja is working at Brick Austere, an art dealer down the road. In her free time, she is out partying with friends.

Ludis is having the time of his life at OSU on a basketball scholarship. He has not yet chosen a major.

Lera hasn’t decided if she wants to go to college yet, holding down three jobs, a workaholic. But she is considering being a child protective worker.

TJ and Olive live a pretty simple life. They’ve got great neighbours, just outside of the crappy part of town. They’re happy; that’s what matters, right?

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