Scarlet Optimism

“If we survive this pandemic, we mustn’t again take for granted the blessings that are bestowed upon us.”
-Sil Hattaavah

Dear diary, today was another boring day in the Kotov house. TJ and I worked out together again this morning. I’m proud of him for getting up and getting on that bike. It’s a good push for myself as well. Two of the last three days I most likely wouldn’t have gotten up.

I’m starting to get tired of being locked away at home. I even missed my nail appointment today because everything was forced to fucking close.

I know it’s not truly an important thing, but it’s the one thing I’ve consistently done for myself since I quit smoking. It makes me feel good about myself, pretty.

Tally says her nail girl works from home and may do it for me as she only has one client at a time under normal circumstances. I haven’t heard any more, and I wouldn’t hold my breath anyway. She doesn’t even know me.

Well actually, one plus is, I got my advising appointment scheduled for Monday morning. I emailed her my transcript and my placement test so she can decide which classes I need to start with.

Katja reports that her mouth is still hurting badly. I told her maybe the emergency room. She thinks they won’t see her because of the virus shit happening. I don’t see why they wouldn’t see her because of that. I might make her go tomorrow if it’s not feeling better.

She hasn’t slept, ate or drank in two days because it hurts so bad. But you know, according to the dentist’s office, it isn’t an emergency.

I am seriously looking forward to things going back to normal, I hope they do.

*sigh* I reckon it’s time to sleep. I have a feeling I may be spending a good portion of my day at the hospital tomorrow.

Well, goodnight, stay safe.

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