Passions Ruined Tuna

Let me just start this story with the reason i do not eat tuna. Somewhere around ten years ago i started watching this soap opera called Passions. You know there is a constant drama requirement for daytime television, well any really these days. So something happened between a couple people and proudly or accidentally one of them fell in the tuna vat. Needless to…

Day 042

Thank you Timmy Tim for making me get my fat ass out of bed, a lil late but i did it, plus dishes and laundry and watering the grass😊

Day 022: First Workout

I want you to know it took every drop of willpower inside myself to get on my bike and to go the entire fifteen miles rather than get dressed and go find an opened bar. I’ve found myself so depressed i’m losing my determination…how can one vile person have this affect on people? I believe this burning pain in my arm is the same…

Day 016

I found my original watch band… you’ll never guess where… right in front of my face in my makeup replacement drawer!!! Already looking like it was that non samsung band causing the unacceptable heart rate tracking.

Protected: Day 017; Nine Miles: 37 Minutes

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