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Tax it Tuesday

Man oh man i literally killed my muscles today…I’m still shaky…i added a little extra glutamine into my protein and creatine shake. Also, i can’t tell you enough how much i love the feeling after a nitric oxide dump. I do this four minute thing at the end of my second and sometimes first workout…

Swollen Saturday

I did both workouts, drank both protein shakes and taken every single supplement I’m suppose to take today except my last supplement pack I’ll trade with dinner and the Gaba before bed…I’m so proud of myself😊 Bodybuildingdreams of 18 inch armsfeeling good


Please understand that I am not a licensed physician. This is my personal research on creatine. People like to question me on why I take the things I take, so I am going to explain each and every one, one at a time. Creatine is a non essential nutrient and it is NOT a steroid.…


Gaba is a gamma neurotransmitter. Remember that I am not a doctor. This is my research on another supplement that I take. Just for you concerned followers to understand why I have added this into my supplements. There are a few of reasons why I want to take Gaba, one is it naturally increases HGH…

Rapid Weight Loss Query

I weighed myself because I couldn’t help myself… and they claim I’m 156.3…. Is that really possible in thirty hours? I mean, I’ve been detoxing, drinking massive water and not eating… but ten pounds? Shit, I’ll take it…😊 cleanseDetoxHealthSupplements