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Detox Day One

I’m pretty irritated with myself, i haven’t lifted for probably close to a month…I’ve been biking about 5 out of 7 days but that’s just not good enough. I can see that I’m losing muscle along with the fat. i just don’t have the bloody energy or the inspiration to get off my ass, as…

Cleans Day Two

This cleanse is shredding my stomach and my gallbladder…i just gotta make it one more day. All day at work i had an alarm go off every fifteen minutes to drink water…i think i did pretty good! cleanseDetox


Good morning!!! My body is not happy with this cleanse, but it must be done to achieve my goals. I’ve lost four more ounces since yesterday morning, so that’s a plus:) I have one more day of this tomorrow and then i can resume my supplements. I haven’t been taking them for over a month!🙀…

Day 120.2

I almost talked myself right into quitting just under an hour, this charcoal and lemon cocktail is shredding my stomach this round of detox. But, i talked myself through every exercise, every set and i finished😁 Bodybuilding

Carizma’s Drug Interactions

Possible Interactions between Carizma’s prescription drugs Check this out and tell me you don’t see something wrong with this picture. She has been on all this for years, except the benztropine, and the hospital took her off all this cold turkey. To top it, the hospital are the ones who put her on the benztropine…