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Day 120.2

I almost talked myself right into quitting just under an hour, this charcoal and lemon cocktail is shredding my stomach this round of detox. But, i talked myself through every exercise, every set and i finished😁 Bodybuilding

Carizma’s Drug Interactions

Possible Interactions between Carizma’s prescription drugs Check this out and tell me you don’t see something wrong with this picture. She has been on all this for years, except the benztropine, and the hospital took her off all this cold turkey. To top it, the hospital are the ones who put her on the benztropine…

Sixty Days Dry

I don’t understand, I’ve not had a drink for sixty days why isn’t my beer belly gone? Sometimes i wonder why I’m even fighting so hard to stay away from it…i had planned to make a huge deal over it today…i didn’t expect to have zero motivation. I didn’t workout either time today, I’m so…

Gallbladder Attack Recovery

I would like to share that after the emergency room staff insisted my pain could not be gallbladder pain, even though they did no testing for it… and decided it was caused by weight lifting, despite the fact that i haven’t been and sent me home still in pain…. that i have nearly cured myself…

Sober Day 14

I’ve made it thirteen days… plan to make it thirteen more:) Straining my neck really put me back, but at least i didn’t have a drink😊 drySober