Fuck Facebook

Facebook is shit and it can eat a dirty cock.

Melted Ice

The last few weeks. My phone has been deleting pictures that it thinks are duplicates without asking me. Like the other day I went to look at the nail pictures that I have saved over the years and there should have been hundreds, and there was only fiftysome pictures. That has happened a few times and I’m just like whatever if I don’t know…

?Beer Baby┬┐

What the actual fuck!

She’s leaving town again…

I have an interesting perspective on the fact that she suddenly has to leave town. This is what i believe… Today marks 21 days left at my current place of employment,,, Dani is on vacation… and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. So now she suddenly has this “company emergency”, supposedly commanding that she has to leave town to fix something…

Protected: Coffee

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