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No Cat Got Run Over

Another master manipulator in our midst. So, yesterday Tim and i went to dinner at my favourite restaurant. My daughter’s boyfriend works there and a couple waitresses came to our table and asked how my daughter was doing after the cat got run over. We had no idea what they were talking about. The two…

Moving On

Facebook is run by simple-minded, alien (not of this country) bullies. I will be squandering my free time away on superior social media platforms from now on. facebook sucksfuimpostingit is betterInstagram is bettermewe is bettermoving onsnapchat is betterTumblr is bettertwitter is better

Melted Ice

The last few weeks. My phone has been deleting pictures that it thinks are duplicates without asking me. Like the other day I went to look at the nail pictures that I have saved over the years and there should have been hundreds, and there was only fiftysome pictures. That has happened a few times…