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Thank You

To all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to save the ill, to the truckers traveling to provide our country with food and supplies, to the police officers out there risking their lives in this time of unrest, to the store employees working hard to keep our shelves stocked, to the motel employees working to keep…

75 Minute Go

These SVTs are really starting to put a damper on my goals. I have the ambition but now have to spend alot of time regulating my heartrate. Really freaking annoying. But i did get a 75 minute workout done, nonetheless. 😊 and now biking. get it doneliftingsvt

A String of Negative Occurrences

You know what? This morning is not going the way I anticipated. The headache is minimal at least but the day is just not going very smoothly. I ran out of one of my colognes for my Sil Cocktail. Then my filling fell out of my tooth, so that was wonderful.. A big juicy one…

Delish Cocktail

Okay people, i know chips are against my diet but i forgot my oatmeal cup so i grabbed something on my way to work…These chips and cinnabon decaf are AMAZING together! 711 chips711 coffeecinnaboncocktaildecafspicy nachoworkyummy