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Thank You

To all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to save the ill, to the truckers traveling to provide our country with food and supplies, to the police officers out there risking their lives in this time of unrest, to the store employees working hard to keep our shelves stocked, to the motel employees working to keep clean rooms for health professionals and truckers to get…

A String of Negative Occurrences

You know what? This morning is not going the way I anticipated. The headache is minimal, at least, but the day is just not going very smoothly. I ran out of one of my colognes for my Liv-Cocktail. Then my filling fell out of my tooth, so that was wonderful. A big juicy one and then a tiny one, or it was another piece…

Goodbye is Here

My apologies for not posting much as of late,  our family has taken some hard hits the last couple months and the worst is coming literally any minute.  Please just say a little prayer if you have an extra second to spare. We thank you.


It is going to be a long, hard day. Please keep Jeff and his siblings in your prayers.

Beauty Before the Cry

Today is a sad, sad day. I should gone to Portland yesterday😭 Tims brother’s liver is completely shot and his other organs are following suit. They are keeping him comfortable and it will most likely happen any minute. Poor Tim, i should be there with him😭


Back on track💃 It’s been about two weeks since i worked out, the family crisis the first week then the garage was too full. I finally got me garage back but ten minutes in my heart rate is already in the 130s and spiking. So, I’m biking, heart rate still accelerates but steadily.


Good morning!!! My body is not happy with this cleanse, but it must be done to achieve my goals. I’ve lost four more ounces since yesterday morning, so that’s a plus:) I have one more day of this tomorrow and then i can resume my supplements. I haven’t been taking them for over a month!🙀 I definitely won’t be to 18% bodyfat like i…