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Thank You

To all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to save the ill, to the truckers traveling to provide our country with food and supplies, to the police officers out there risking their lives in this time of unrest, to the store employees working hard to keep our shelves stocked, to the motel employees working to keep…

Hello 2020

I don’t really have a new year’s resolution per se.. but i won’t be upset if you call it that. Nobody ever follows through with that yearly fantasy, so I’m just gonna call it positive life improvements and such. (((This was actually supposed to be posted yesterday, but i was busy and didn’t finish it,…

A String of Negative Occurrences

You know what? This morning is not going the way I anticipated. The headache is minimal at least but the day is just not going very smoothly. I ran out of one of my colognes for my Sil Cocktail. Then my filling fell out of my tooth, so that was wonderful.. A big juicy one…

A Maze of Choice

This whole not letting the people around me affect my current mood is allot harder than i imagined. I will succeed; however, come hell or high water. Also, i have an idea…i might put it in to motion in the morning, if not, then Thursday:) Until tomorrow darlings. 😘


My dingbat pussycat forgot the format of the thermostat in the place i housesat. He’s a rat of a copycat, an acrobat looking like a nonfat muskrat, killed a gnat-splat, flat as a doormat sitting at the laundromat- nonstop chitchchat, i love my cat. Copyright @ Sil Hattaavah 2019 catPoetryrhyme