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My dingbat pussycat forgot the format of the thermostat in the place i housesat. He’s a rat of a copycat, an acrobat looking like a nonfat muskrat, killed a gnat-splat, flat as a doormat sitting at the laundromat- nonstop chitchchat, i love my cat. Copyright @ Sil Hattaavah 2019 catPoetryrhyme

Get up Sil

Three days to my appointment, I’m going to ask him to check my iron, potassium, magnesium, e, d, b complex, folate, copper, coq10, zinc and thyroid.⏳ I gotta get to the bottom of this shit.. hopefully it’s just residual effects lingering from vodka. ☠ BTW it’s been eighty days since i had a drink. Hey…