My dingbat pussycat forgot the format of the thermostat in the place i housesat. He’s a rat of a copycat, an acrobat looking like a nonfat muskrat, killed a gnat-splat, flat as a doormat sitting at the laundromat- nonstop chitchchat, i love my cat. Copyright @ Sil Hattaavah 2019

Sixty Days Dry

I don’t understand, I’ve not had a drink for sixty days why isn’t my beer belly gone? Sometimes i wonder why I’m even fighting so hard to stay away from it…i had planned to make a huge deal over it today…i didn’t expect to have zero motivation. I didn’t workout either time today, I’m so mad at myself but i just have no inspiration…

1000 Hours

I should be ecstatic about this

Day 022: First Workout

I want you to know it took every drop of willpower inside myself to get on my bike and to go the entire fifteen miles rather than get dressed and go find an opened bar. I’ve found myself so depressed i’m losing my determination…how can one vile person have this affect on people? I believe this burning pain in my arm is the same…

Victor Ludorum

Okay I have a plan this time. I went in blind on Sunday and failed miserably. I will not fail this time.