The Beginning

To begin my bodybuilding journey I only intended to lose weight. I told myself if I got up at 0200 hours and biked every morning for 21 days I would develop a habit and not be able to stop.

So on May 04, 2017 I started biking for five miles every morning. I went like that for a few days and then I went up to ten. I made it to 21 days and I continued and went up to fifteen miles. During this process, I also started looking into supplements. Glutamine was the first one I started with, and let me tell you… That is a must for muscle pain, as long as I take it four times a day I have minimal pain after working out.

As I biked, I was scrolling facebook or instagram while I listened to my music; Liking fitness pages, athletes and bodybuilders. I started to get this idea in my head that I could be a bodybuilder if i wanted to. I became obsessed with the idea. I after doing a little research on how i want to look, i decided that i want to be 9% bodyfat and need to be 133 pounds.

On June 04, 2017, I started lifting weights. My boyfriend got me all set up in his back yard with weights and bars and a bench and even a belt. For the beginning he was training me. Then our schedules kept clashing and I was alone much of the time. Then the rain season came and we moved all the stuff into my garage, aka the dungeon, and that is where I have been working out all winter, basically training myself.

Anyway, over time I have researched many supplements and now take a pretty large amount daily. I took myself off my heart pill and it is usually doing quite well. Some days it puts me down but it has gotten better over time. People tell me I’m doing it all wrong but it works for me.

Alcohol has been a losing battle for me with my goals. I did make it 120 days sober, but I fucked up and have never made it more than three since. I did quit drinking beer; however, I only switched to harder stuff and it doesn’t seem to be helping with my beer belly. In fact, I have a harder time getting up at 2am, if I even do. I almost think beer was a better choice..but no alcohol would be even better. Today is my 3rd sober day as I type this and I do feel the sober headache brewing, tomorrow could prove to be a log day.

Anyway, I will probably add to this or something I am not sure, but anyway, here is a pic of me some time after I started and a recent pic.

As you can see, I have actually gained weight, not all in the right places either. But i plan to change that in the coming weeks:)