Meant to Post Yesterday

I don’t really feel like taking a picture this morning, I miss Saraia😢

So I’ll just post this pic i forgot to post yesterday becauseI was crying about Saraia.

Hungry anyone?

This is the supplement pack I put together to take with my lunch😛

The baby crabs are so cute 😍

Out on the Bay

My baby, Horatio Caine

Be safe

I just had a pretty vivid dream we had an 8.6 off the coast of oregon…please be on your toes today.


To they who wish to make their motivation in life

to drag everyone around them down to the ground

to equivalate to their own dark and lonely world

You live in this delusion that everyone adores you

despite how disgustingly terrible you treat them

Surprise! Everybody unreservedly loathes you

Sometimes they feel lousy for being insincere

but you yourself are two-faced and belittle everyone

so why the hell should anyone feel a drip of guilt

No one individual can stand to be around you

The mere thought of you is utterly desolating

and your presence, well that ruins their whole day

You go out of your way to torment everyone around you

I think it might actually bring you gratification

I’ve never met someone so bitter and toxic as yourself

You have a cold and burnt black heart

You’re nothing but a wicked old witch

and they do not have to tolerate your abuse

 © 2016