399 Days

Day 104

Between going to see Carizma, working, suntime, getting a little sleep and trying to keep up on the house doesn’t leave me much room for my workouts, but i’m trying.

Day 098

Day 063

Day 048

I’m super exhausted and my head is borderline pounding,,but i got somewhat of a workout… barely. 😁

Day 042

Thank you Timmy Tim for making me get my fat ass out of bed, a lil late but i did it, plus dishes and laundry and watering the grass😊

Chapter Three:Day 13-Second Workout

Chapter Three: Day Eight

I had intended on a much longer workout, i added an extra 25 minutes or so of new exercises. Unfortunately, i decided i better call it quits at an hour because of chest pain. I only had about half of my normal routine complete.
But if I’m gonna be my own doctor i had better listen to my body.

If it Hurts, STOP

I really hurt myself yesterday because of that stupid bun,,i felt the pain because i was positioned incorrectly and i kept going like a dumbass…i may have to go in for this…
My hands keep going to sleep and i can barely turn but head. My neck is shooting pain down my back and up the back of my head.
I should have known better already having a previous neck injury😭

I’m fully aware of the “if you have pain STOP”… so why the hell didn’t i???