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Desolate Saturday

I try to be a good friend,,, but i guess in my attempts to be such, i forget that i don’t actually have friends,,,i have business contacts and acquaintances. I really need to get out of my fantasy world huh. I get closish to people and make the mistake they’re my friend. Doesn’t exist…i do…

Day 511

Basically a break day I guess. Either I pulled a muscle in my back or my kidney or my liver or my gallbladder hurts… like I have no idea which it isπŸ€”πŸ˜ Bodybuildingbreak day

Unfortunate break day

You know,,, I’m really quite flattered that everywhere I go I’m the only one they’ve ever made a b52 for; therefore, they remember me….sadly: but goodly, I think I’m getting burnt out on alcohol in general. b52barbreak daysil