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Good morning!!! My body is not happy with this cleanse, but it must be done to achieve my goals. I’ve lost four more ounces since yesterday morning, so that’s a plus:) I have one more day of this tomorrow and then i can resume my supplements. I haven’t been taking them for over a month!🙀…

Cleanse Day One

I’m doing a cleanse and i think it’s negatively effecting my gallbladder. Of course, it could just be because it’s trying to rid my body of toxins so it’s overloaded? I’m drinking water as much as i can remember. Seems to me I’m steadily losing my beer belly, dropping about 1/4 pound a day, can’t…

Rapid Weight Loss Query

I weighed myself because I couldn’t help myself… and they claim I’m 156.3…. Is that really possible in thirty hours? I mean, I’ve been detoxing, drinking massive water and not eating… but ten pounds? Shit, I’ll take it…😊 cleanseDetoxHealthSupplements