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Detox Day One

I’m pretty irritated with myself, i haven’t lifted for probably close to a month…I’ve been biking about 5 out of 7 days but that’s just not good enough. I can see that I’m losing muscle along with the fat. i just don’t have the bloody energy or the inspiration to get off my ass, as…


Good morning!!! My body is not happy with this cleanse, but it must be done to achieve my goals. I’ve lost four more ounces since yesterday morning, so that’s a plus:) I have one more day of this tomorrow and then i can resume my supplements. I haven’t been taking them for over a month!🙀…

Cleanse Day One

I’m doing a cleanse and i think it’s negatively effecting my gallbladder. Of course, it could just be because it’s trying to rid my body of toxins so it’s overloaded? I’m drinking water as much as i can remember. Seems to me I’m steadily losing my beer belly, dropping about 1/4 pound a day, can’t…

Fulfilled Friday

I am so tired, i dozed and nearly took a nappy time,,,but i made myself get up and workout. I’m on my 6th sober day I’m also on another round of a 3-day lemon/charcoal detox🙃 BodybuildingDetoxligting weights

Rapid Weight Loss Query

I weighed myself because I couldn’t help myself… and they claim I’m 156.3…. Is that really possible in thirty hours? I mean, I’ve been detoxing, drinking massive water and not eating… but ten pounds? Shit, I’ll take it…😊 cleanseDetoxHealthSupplements