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Poor Service

Some towns just have awful medical service; unfortunately, mine is one of them. Two weeks ago i went to the emergency room for pain, i couldn’t tell if it was my girlie parts or my back. There was nobody else there triage called me back literally as i sat down. And he got me right…


I’m still 158 pounds… Why the hell am i going through all the trouble to quit drinking??? Furthermore, I’ve been taking my supplements religiously again for a week… 46 a day. Why the hell am I sick twice in one months time??? I feel like all my effort is pointless. Bodybuildingdisappointeddisheartened

No Progression

Last time I quit drinking the pounds fell off. Today I weigh more than I did when I quit drinking two weeks ago, I still have no energy and I still look pregnant…wtf is the point then? BodybuildingdisappointeddisheartenedSoberuninspired