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Day 087.2

I don’t know how i did it, well, yes i do. Tim pushed me through, i started with no energy and i got through it nonetheless:) Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses

Day 048

I’m super exhausted and my head is borderline pounding,,but i got somewhat of a workout… barely. 😁 Bodybuildingget it done

Day 046: Second Workout

I’ve been taking Iron for three days now; maybe two, but i think three. I was reading that it can take months for improvemen;, if that’s even the issue, so seven isn’t going to suffice. I’m thinking if the bone-deep exhaustion and the palpitations aren’t improving by Monday I’ll go ahead and call the dr😭…

Day 450

I really had to push myself through every single exercise, but I did it, 70 minutes.. now I’m biking… and I’ll be free to do as a please for the rest of the day. Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses